Hi, beautiful. I’m Carly.
Welcome to this safe space on the web where I get to guide you into complete body bliss. I help women love, nourish, and accept their bodies and listen to their deep intuition within.
This space is full of healing plant recipes, natural earth food nutrition, a paradigm-shifting self love mentality, spiritual nourishment, and how to use these things to
ACTIVATE your authentically awake life. 


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So, {a big hug} welcome!
I wanted to tell you about this spot I call my home on the web…
Culinary Karma is where…
High vibrational foods meet high vibrational feelings.
Spirituality meets science.
Nutrition meets intuition
Healing meets already healed.
It’s the merge of super foods and super soul,
A balance of Alchemy and simplicity,
Where food is our medicine,
And medicine is of no need.
At Culinary Karma, we ditch diet dogma, self-doubt, and limiting belief.
We embrace love, healing, and activation.
We banish starvation, dieting, and pain
to embrace acceptance, vitality, and flow.


This is the place where we cleanse our mind, body, and soul.
We get authentic with our feelings.
  and discover where imbalance stems from in the first place.
We turn your digestive difficulties, fatigue, pain, and heartache into
*true body bliss*
Because you deserve to love your body.
You deserve to accept your body.
You deserve to thrive *in* your body.





I believe in the healing power of nature and all that she provides.
I believe in bio-individuality.
I believe in alone time.
Green juice.
Natural Beauty.
I believe in you: your ability to truly and deeply love your body and life.


It’s all about you here, but I know you want the in on my story: 


Baby Carly had ear infections, young Carly had eczema, and high school Carly had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux, no sex drive, slight depression, Candida, and chronic fatigue.

With these physical symptoms came extreme body-disapproval, colorless feelings about myself, and deep embarrassment from within.

I felt so much pain: on the inside and the outside. I was in a rut that no doctor could help. No therapist had the answer either.

So where did the solution come from? It came from inside myself.

As I dove deep into self-healing and detoxification of all kinds, miracles were thrown my way. Answers to my questions were revealed. Life became a gorgeous game, where I learned that I create the reality here. I then went on to study holistic health and became a holistic nutrition consultant after studying at The University of Florida and Bauman College. But my studies didn’t stop there. Those gave me the holistic health foundation skills that I needed, but the real studying was inside myself: in balancing my spiritual side with food, learning to trust my intuition with it, practicing mindful meals, loving my body unconditionally, and finding peace with food after years of restriction, diet, and judgement. This all inspired me to live an authentically awake and conscious life: in my body and on the planet. 

I could reverse all of my health conditions and mind conditionings. I wasn’t a “sufferer” anymore. I wasn’t doomed or trapped. I was free–Free to heal. Free to glow.

Free to awaken to the infinite possibilities of health and vitality that exist within.

And that’s what I want to share with you.





I LOVE YOU already: and I’m  excited and inspired to radically alter yours and our existence here for a conscious, blissful, healthy, accepting, balanced, and authentic life. 

<3 CarlyMorganGross